Mila Zaharieva, from Veliko Tarnovo created her own luxury fashion brand


Mila Zaharieva from Veliko Tarnovo created the newest Bulgarian fashion brand. The charming lady called the brand La Cara Mi EXCLUSIVE, which in translation means “ The precious I - exceptional”. The goal of the designer is to transfer exactly this feeling of being special to the ladies who choose her brand. Right ofrom its launch, the brand was accepted very well by the stylish ladies and was highly acclaimed by the fashion experts.

“The debut designer’s collection by Mila Zaharieva attracts with its pursuit of the trendy needs of the modern stylish woman. The message of La Cara Mi Exclusive by Mila Zaharieva brand derives from the consistent style standards during the pandemic - functionality and comfort, combined with elegance and beauty. I am convinced that this is one of the most important fashion trends that cannot be neglected or passed by easily”, said the Bulgarian fashion guru prof. Lyubomir Stoikov. Mila is also highly praised by the young Bulgarian designer and fashion critic Nikolai Pachev, a teacher in the Academy for Fashion in New Bulgarian University, who is considered by his students as a great inspiration.

Mila is born in Veliko Tarnovo and has graduated from the Construction Vocational School in her hometown. Even back then, her teacher eng. Rossitsa Gospodinova notices her affinity to fashion. Since her teacher’s hobby was to design and create outfits for some of the hi-life figures in Veliko Tarnovo, she draws Mila closer to herself and they start collaborating on creating new models. Gospodinova is the person who persistently tries to convince Mila to apply for the “Fashion” major in New Bulgarian University, but due to various circumstances back then, the future designer doesn’t realise her dream. Instead, she completes her higher education in another higher institution - St. st. Cyril and Methodius - “ Marketing” major. After relocating to Sofia, Mila enters the business ladies circle and becomes chairwoman of Business Lady Club Exclusive. While interacting with stylish business ladies, she notices the need for such a brand and decides to take upon the challenge of creating it herself. “The start of the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown that followed, pointed my creative energy towards fashion and the brand’s beginning came naturally. I am very happy to have worked successfully with three ladies, who are all excellent model constructors, with experience and a voice in the fashion circles. The clothes which I create are designed entirely by me, whilst the ladies help me mainly with their knowledge and expertise in choosing fabrics and sketching the clothes”, shared Mila.

The debut collection of the fashion brand is called “Home Edition”, because Mila believes that ladies need to keep their individuality, to feel comfortable, and to be well dressed even at home. Getting adapted to working from home, where there are often conference calls, ladies need to deal with a different set of emotions and energy and the brand is trying to facilitate this change. At the same time, the designer insists that all outfits are wearable outside as well.

The new brand by Mila Zaharieva was presented a few days ago during an online conference. Many journalists, business ladies as well as fashionistas attended the conference. Prof. Lyubomir Stoikov, chairman of the Academy for Fashion at New Bulgarian University, hosted the digital event with a fashion and lifestyle presentation. Mila Zaharieva herself, pointed out the highlights in her debut collection, showing in detail the fabrics, the colours, and the styles used in all 30 outfits. Specially for the digital conference, the actress and singer Marina Kiskinova and the top model Elisaveta Stoyanova - Gareva, who were the first participants in the photo session for La Cara Mi EXCLUSIVE, also shared their impressions about the fashion brand. “ The first thing I liked about it were the fabrics used. I know how difficult it is to find high quality materials and I haven’t seen such fabrics in Bulgaria. What makes the brand stand out among others on the market, is exactly the high quality materials, which cannot be found anywhere else”, commented Kiskinova. The top model shared this point of view and also described the collection as a “combination of comfort and elegance”. She pointed to the little details in the clothes, which made them so special.

The debut collection includes sport sets in more elegant style. They are made from suede, velvet, satin etc., all materials characteristic of more formal and refined clothing lines rather than sport lines. One of the main highlights of the outfits is the Brussels lace used. Other highlights are the prints, golden edges, and sequins. For the designer, the little details are of great importance and even the labels are embroidered with lamé on velvet.

The great variety in style captures the eye. The sets include pants as well as shorts with different silhouettes and more fitted or loose fitting tops. The brand offers clothes with straps, wide sleeves, dropped shoulders, as well as universal home dresses, which can be worn outside too.

There is also a wide variety in the colours. There are black models with golden and silver details, as well as patterns in soft pink and light blue embellished with sequins for a more luxurious feel. Other colours in the collection are turquoise green, burgundy, yellow and white, all embellished with different coloured elements.

“Fashion has been with me ever since I was a child and I can see that it is also part of my two daughters’ and even my niece’s lives. All of them carry the feeling of style and inspire me for my models. The clothes that I create are suitable for ladies between the ages of 18 and 60. For some of the next collections I am also planning to include some kids’ outfits  because my younger daughter says that she wants to be elegant like her mother”, shared Mila. Strong support for her is her older daughter, who studies “Brand Management”.

Mila doesn’t associate or see herself as similar to any of the big designer names, although she admires their achievements. Following her “Home edition” collection, she is already ready to launch her next one in the summer and will include her original designer’s prints, inspired by interior design.


Nikolai Venkov

Photos by Dilyan Markov and private archive.


Source: dnesbg.com