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Beautiful at home


The outfits are inspired by the ladies working from home. The business lady is an expert in the marketing sphere


Mila Zaharieva is not a professional designer but she has always held a special place for fashion in her life. She has her own business in the marketing, advertising, and communications sphere and is also the chairwoman of the Business Lady Club Exclusive. She decides to start creating clothing, both comfortable and elegant, suitable for the home as well as for going out, when the pandemic starts and the working people are forced to stay at home and work from home.

The business lady creates her own brand, which is called “La Cara Mi EXCLUSIVE“ - “The precious I - exceptional”. The idea is that we have to love and appreciate ourselves and feel special. Every woman has the right to feel comfortable and elegant, regardless whether she works from home or is in the office.

The designer presented practical and comfortable models in her premiere collection “Home Edition”, which was launched in the spring, and recently she presented her second collection called “New Edition”. The fashion photographer Dilyan Markov shot the latest collection in his studio and the model who presented the outfits was the top model Kristina Nestorova. The new outfits offered by the designer are in the “beautiful at home” style. The pyjama style outfits are transformed into comfortable easy care suits, with lining from natural materials for more comfort. To keep up with the fashion trends, the fashion designer has created very stylish coats and functional sporty elegant bomber jackets for the autumn-winter season. When making the new outfits, she has used original prints on woollen fabric for the coats, on velvet and suede for the pants and dresses, as well as on satin for the suits. To show her special attention to the clothes, the designer has used the printed fabrics from the suits, as lining for the outerwear. She strongly believes that in order for a fashion brand to become successful, every classy piece of clothing has to be made from quality materials and to look beautiful both on the outside and the inside.

Accessories and artistic edging are both very important for the designer. The scarves from the brand are all with original prints and are each - one of a kind, literally. They shine with their originality, as the perfect addition to every outfit. Mila Zaharieva insists on the designer’s labels, which have the logo embroidered with silver or golden thread on velvet fabric. Another highlight in the current collection is the purple edging used on the inside of the clothes.

The designer’s vision for the future development of the brand is to help women feel exclusive by wearing the boutique style models from the collection. She wants to keep her individuality and originality and be different, instead of making clothes resembling the fashion brands that are available on the Bulgarian market. “That’s why the brand will offer a wide variety of looks with the clothes from “La Cara Mi EXCLUSIVE”, fewer in number but produced with great attention to the quality of their details and workmanship.

The designer presented part of her collection at the fashion show held during the “Golden Needle” 2021 award ceremony in October. The outfits were pyjama style suits for the beach, made from super satin - a fabric, which is smooth to the skin and does not wrinkle. She also showed coats and bomber jackets, in which the highlight was the prints on the fabrics.

“It was a true experiment for me and I longed to see how each print created by me as an idea and a vision, is realised by my team,” explained Mila Zaharieva. The goal of the brand is to reach more ladies, so in December, billboards showing some of the outfits are hung in the capital, some of the bigger cities, as well as in the designer’s home town of Veliko Tarnovo.

Mila Zaharieva believes that formal dresses will remain a must accessory for every lady who takes care of herself and will not remain in the closet forever, despite the pandemic. There will always be occasions where to wear these stylish clothes. The designer doesn’t exclude the possibility of a more formal line of clothing in future collections and hopes that after the pandemic is over, we will not have to stay at home in our pyjamas anymore.