The nightgown transforms into an evening dress

The new modern.


The debut collection by Mila Zaharieva is for the ladies who aspire to be elegant both at home and outside. The business lady puts an emphasis on original designer’s prints for the summer.

Mila Zaharieva is not a professional designer. She works in the sphere of marketing, advertising, and communications. She is the chairwoman of Business Lady Club Exclusive. Before starting her private business, she has worked in the government administration. In the past, Ms Zaharieva has led two head offices in the National Assembly- “Administrative-legal service and human resources”, as well as “ Parliamentarian office and reception”. She has also worked in the “Committee for financial supervision”, as chairwoman of the “ Registry and administrative service”office. Ms Zaharieva has worked in different offices within the structures of the Ministry of agriculture and food as well. She has a BA in Marketing, and two Master’s degrees in “Public Administration” and in “Political Science, diplomacy and national security”.

Her leap into the fashion industry happened when, a year ago, the whole world was put under lockdown because of the pandemic. The longer stay at home, the change in the way of communication, the more frequent online meetings - all these factors inspired Mila to create clothes that bring comfort to the home office, but also elegance, so that we can feel a sense of normality in our daily life.

“My personal desire was to create a beautiful surrounding, not to give into the feelings of despair of the unknown, but to accumulate energy and focus it on developing, learning, and accomplishing my ideas”, said Mila Zaharieva during the online launch of her first collection, titled La Cara Mi EXCLUSIVE. In translation from Italian, it means “ The precious I - Exceptional” and carries the message of self love, by creating comfort and style.

“Every woman is exceptional and deserves to feel special, to feel her self love”, explains the business lady. Therefore, the clothes are soft, comfortable, made from stretchy materials, suitable for home, but also for going out - all in all, sporty elegant style.

“This is the kind of style ladies need right now. I personally feel the need for such clothes, because, often, while at home, I need to go outside for a bit and then come back home to work again. Therefore, I need clothes that are both elegant and comfortable, suitable for home as well as for going out in town”, commented the actress and singer Marina Kiskinova, who acted as a model during the brand’s launch.

Three professional pattern and model makers, as well as the fashion expert prof. Lyubomir Stoikov, have all helped the upcoming designer to make the 30 outfits in the collection. There are outfits with straps, wide sleeves, dropped shoulders, as well as universal home dresses, which can be worn outside as well, even as evening dresses. They are constructed on “two layers” - the first is a sheer nightgown from black satin with embroidered velvet straps with a soft lace, and an elegant upper part made from lace and velvet. Paired with a beautiful piece of jewellery, scarf, and shoes, such an attire can transform into an elegant evening outfit, the designer Mila Zaharieva insists. The same is true for the clothes made from satin, resembling pyjamas. They came in style last year but are expected to become even more trendy in the coming year. The fabrics which the designer has used are more luxurious, unusual for sporty clothes - velvet in all its varieties - smooth as well as pleated, which looks exquisite on the pants from the collection; satin softly touching the body, as well as suede, giving comfort and freedom of movement. One of the highlights is the Brussels lace. Other characteristics of the collection are original prints, golden borders along the length of the pants, and sequins too. The patterns and silhouettes are various but all of them have one thing in common - comfort. There are shorts and shalwars, strappy and cropped tops, as well as anoraks with hoods. The colours are also a great variety. There are black clothes with added golden and silver elements; there are also yellow, red, blue, white, soft pink, light blue, and turquoise pieces as well.

The designer is also preparing a summer collection, where she will continue to realise her idea about making comfortable and beautiful clothes, ready to wear at home and outside. The print used on the fabrics will be entirely original.