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Mila Zaharieva is a business lady, chairwoman of “Business Lady Club Exclusive” - style and success.

She has graduated with a Marketing degree from Higher Technical University “St.St. Cyril and Methodius” in her home town of Veliko Tarnovo. She has created and managed the consultancy firm Correct Consult Partners, through which she efficiently managed the processes in the sphere of marketing, advertising, and communications with municipalities, government agencies, and business organisations.

Before undertaking the challenge of the private sector, she successfully worked in the government administration. Mila Zaharieva has directed two head offices in the National Assembly - “Administrative-legal service and human resources”, as well as “ Parliamentarian office and reception”. Her experience in the “Committee for financial supervision”, and her role as chairwoman of the “ Registry and administrative service” office, also shaped and developed her team working skills. During her time in the Ministry of agriculture and food, Mila Zaharieva worked in different offices within the structures of the ministry. Her most impressive contribution was in the office of “International relations, public communications and protocol”, in her role as a director of the front office of the ministry.

Her Master’s degree in “Public Administration” and in “Political Science, Diplomacy and National Security”, as well as her BA in “Marketing” have helped her to successfully navigate and operate the complicated realm of government administration.

Mila Zaharieva has a happy family and is the mother of two daughters.

She is the owner and manager of the newly launched consultancy firm Business Correct Finance. Her idea about creating the firm derives from the need that arose during discussions between business representatives, held during the information meetings she organised as the chairwoman of Business Lady Exclusive. The challenging business environment motivated her to concentrate her efforts even more on supporting  the business sector and in response to the needs that the “new normal”  has created, she started the consultancy firm Business Correct Finance.

The main purpose of the new firm is to provide different businesses with information and help them navigate better during their application process for different operational programs by the EU as well as for the opportunities for financial support using the government’s new financial instruments. There is an upcoming new program period 2021-2027, and there are considerable budgets which will be assigned to different EU countries. The upcoming 2021 will most definitely bring opportunities for new projects.

While she works in the front line of various government structures, Mila Zaharieva closely follows the roadblocks and challenges that different individuals and small businesses face. More often than not, these obstacles and challenges are due to the lack of adequate information about the mechanisms that could facilitate government support for them. The necessary information, when received in due time, helps companies draw better strategies for minimising the risks of losses. It also helps them restart quicker and adapt better to the ever evolving specifics of the global economy.

While living under mandatory lockdown, Mila Zaharieva develops and introduces to the market her creative work, by launching her premier clothes collection by her new brand “La Cara Mila” by Mila Zaharieva.

Her interests in the realm of fashion date back to the time when she was a managing partner in the fashion brand Balkan Fashion Week, as well as in her role as a co-partner in the fashion tv channel Code Fashion TV which launched in 2016.

It is her family which inspires her creatively. They show their support for her and name the brand “La Cara Mila”, in translation from Italian “The precious Mila”.

Mila Zaharieva, in her role as the president of “Business Lady Club Exclusive”, understands the fashion needs of the business ladies who are members of the club. The designer was inspired to follow her creative impulse by the ladies’ desire for class, style, and elegance during the global covid19 pandemic and the lockdown which followed. She gathered her team of professionals and together with them launched her first collection. Luxurious, comfortable, soft to the skin, perfected in the details - such are the home edition clothes in the premiere collection by the brand La Cara Mila, called “Stay beautiful at home”. This brand comes as a response to the changing concept of elegance in the past two years due to working from home. The combination between comfort, luxury, and high quality of fabrics, place the brand among the higher class fashion brands. In the time of technical progress, information technologies, and social media, the brand launched as an online shop. There will soon be an actual boutique, where the customers will be able to experience the pleasure of touching the fabrics and feeling the comfort of the clothes.

With the launch of the new brand, Mila Zaharieva also puts on the market 100 designer’s boxes with many luxurious surprises inside, which will make every occasion special.




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